Moon Child — free iOS and Windows platform game

Article / 21 July 2018

In a distant, fondly remembered past I was a full-time designer and graphic artist for 16-bit games. Together with two partners — coder Reinier van Vliet and music composer Ramon Braumuller — I developed commercial games for the Commodore Amiga, CD32 console, MS-DOS and Windows, among other platforms.

One of our biggest game projects was Moon Child, a platform game we initiated for the AGA (Advanced Graphics Architecture) generation of Amiga computers, but then Commodore sadly went down in 1994, and we were forced to reinitiate Moon Child game development for Windows, which by that time turned out to allow higher resolution graphics and better audio than the previously superior Amiga.

Moon Child was released back in 1997. Years later we decided to release the game CD-ROM as a free download. Moon Child and a few of our other games can be found at the Internet Archive, and Moon Child is also available as a free iOS game (iPhone and iPad).

More info about our Amiga games can be found at the Hall Of Light database.

I hope you have as much fun playing the game as we had creating it!

Cute little robot character design

General / 03 July 2018

A cute little 3D robot character model, exploring the new Ambient Occlusion node in Blender's Cycles renderer to achieve some wear and tear effects.

Cartoony stylized 3D fox character

General / 25 June 2018

I ❤️ foxes, and when I saw a cool fox character concept by Eran Alboher, I couldn't resist sculpting this 3D tribute.

I used Blender 3D to establish the base shapes, ZBrush for sculpting and painting, and Keyshot for materials, lighting and rendering.


Speaker part NURBS / solids modeling

General / 22 June 2018

A fun project I realized for a man who builds his own custom speakers. He needed a specific throat adapter part.

I modeled the item with NURBS / solids for accuracy, using the MoI 3D editor.


Artistically stylized vector character design

General / 18 June 2018

From the ar(t)chive — an artistic character design style experiment.

Magnetron — pixel art robot character

General / 14 June 2018

This one's from the pixel ar(t)chive: Magnetron, a retro game sprite style low-resolution pixel art robot character.

General Mayhem — cartoony vector character design and illustration

General / 14 June 2018

General Mayhem — cartoony vector character design and illustration. Ever exploring new visual styles. 🙂 

You're invited to my online print store for lots of options to decorate your home, including prints of General Mayhem.

The powerful tentacles of Facebook — pixel art

General / 12 June 2018

The powerful tentacles of Facebook — isometric pixel artwork, inspired by the dubious ways Facebook infiltrates a frightening amount of lives around the world.

More work can be found in my portfolio, and you're also invited to my online print store for many ways to decorate your home.

SpaceX retro-futuristic poster design

General / 04 June 2018

Tribute to Elon Musk's inspiring SpaceX corporation, in a retro-futuristic poster style.

Available as a print on various items in my Society6 store:

2D / 3D graphics training

General / 01 June 2018

I'm pleased to announce that I've reinitiated a former activity of mine — training people to learn or improve a visual skill, 2D and/or 3D.

A training takes place in the Netherlands, in my studio or on location. More info can be found here (mostly written in the Dutch language).